Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shorts 3 Ways

Shorts 3 Ways
I don't know about you, but when I buy an article of clothing, I like options. Now, I don't always know right away what those different options will be, but that is part of the fun of shopping. You purchase a great piece and then bring it home to see how it will work in your closet.

I really liked these shorts and thought they would be fun to build a few outfits around. A pair of shorts has endless possibilities. The three looks I put together are definitely great for spring before the super hot weather sets in. For the two blazer options, just pair a basic t-shirt under them. Adding a blazer will break up the casual look and leave you looking crisp and polished. And in the summer? Ditch the blazers and throw on some statement jewelry (or a scarf if you don't live in Louisiana like I do) to dress the t-shirt up. As I said, the possibilities are endless.

Miss Selfridge shell top
$61 - missselfridge.com

Cropped jacket
$110 - topshop.com

Jacquard jacket
$150 - topshop.com

Topshop metallic shorts
$60 - topshop.com

Forever 21 lace up oxford
$25 - forever21.com

Zara shoes
$80 - zara.com

Leather bag
$116 - topshop.com

Miss Selfridge snakeskin handbag
$38 - missselfridge.com

Metal jewelry
$28 - topshop.com

Metal jewelry
$28 - topshop.com

Chunky jewelry
$28 - topshop.com

Miss Selfridge tahitian pearl jewelry
$15 - missselfridge.com

Miss Selfridge gold jewelry
$18 - missselfridge.com

Marc by marc jacobs jewelry
$68 - couture.zappos.com


  1. I'm really loving these outfits! I love versatility in a piece and those shorts are def it! xoxo A-

  2. Love these! I love when I can get a bunch of different outfits out of one thing. The blouse in the middle is so pretty!


  3. I am not usually pro shorts, but these outfits are lovely. I am a sucker for romantic soft colors!

  4. I can't wait to wear shorts! Love the ideas you created. Especially love that peachy blazer and cute bow necklace.
    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog, your comment cracked me up!

  5. love how you styled each outfit... I would totally wear them all!


  6. AAaaahhh shortsssss! Can't ewait for that weather. I love these outfits :)

  7. OMG! love the first style! So chic and feminine!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  8. Cute looks! I'm obsessed with the the floral oxfords!!


  9. Great looks, I love the floral pieces (especially the shoes) and those pretty blazers too! Being able to build multiple outfits around a piece is important to having a versatile closet in my opinion!

  10. love all the colors in these ensembles! great outfits!

  11. Cute! awesome blog! New follower! can you check out mine @ thisismeandyouwillsee.blogspot.com

  12. these outfits are a true inspiration! thanks for sharing :)


  13. I want the three of them! So pretty and spring-perfect! Amazing styling :)

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  14. Love these pastel shades for Spring!

  15. Such a fun post! I love how you gave the info for every single piece!


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