Friday, March 2, 2012

Tribal Prints - Part 1

Tribal prints seem to be everywhere lately. I love how a tribal print transforms a basic dress into a statement piece. Speaking of statements, did you see the first dress? The ASOS dress is completely covered in sequins. It is my favorite by far. I am definitely a fan of the unexpected and taking something so bold (such as a tribal print) and doing it in all over sequins is completely unexpected (but fabulous).

Of course, not every occasion calls for all over sequins. For those times, a dress like the Canyon Ikat Tiered Maxi is probably my next favorite. It is more suited for a day of shopping or lunch with the girls.

So many great prints to choose from. Which is your favorite?


  1. Wow that first ASOS dress is unbelievable!

    I really like the mystic tribal one. Love the colours.

    New follower=]

  2. Love this post and it's so true how the tribal print can transform a casual dress.

    Thanks for stopping by

  3. I couldn't pick my favorite! But I just adore tribal prints!!

  4. I think I'd chew off my leg for the asos dress, I'd wear it to the grocery store DAILY


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