Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cruise outfit number 1

I began work this morning on my first outfit for the cruise - a black shirtdress. I am not necessarily going to wear it first. I just happened to have black thread on my serger so that is what is getting made first!

The picture posted shows the dress in its early stages. Right now my dress form just looks like a big bat. Tomorrow I will focus on getting the arm holes right and sewing the side seams. If I have time, I am going to get out my sewing manual and see if I can figure out how to do button holes on my machine. I have never done it before so it may take some practice.

I still need to finish the collar, put in the button holes and add buttons, make and add sleeves (long), add a drawstring waist and put in the hem. Quite a few things to do and I want to have it done by the weekend. Not too sure if that will happen!

More outfits and posts to come!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cruise Wear

In two months I will be (finally) taking a much needed vacation with my husband. We decided to go on a 3 day cruise to Key West and then Cozumel. I will miss my son more than anything, but I am still excited to get away for a few days with my husband.

Being the planner that I am, I decided to start planning my outfits. I started looking through my closet and thought, "Nope, nothing worthy of a cruise in here!" So a brilliant idea came to me...Why not just make my clothes? I am not talking about just a dress and maybe a skirt....I am talking about every single piece that I will take on the cruise. Sounds like a lofty challenge, doesn't it?

I have two months to prepare at least 9 garments. That gives me two looks for each day (a day look and an evening look), the day of travel to the cruise, and a pair of pajamas. I will exclude undergarments and swimsuits for this challenge. I think I have enough to think about!

I already have the concept for a cocktail dress that I will wear on a more "dressy" evening. (See wild printed dress above). The fabric is just pinned into place for now...the dress will be longer and the hemline will be straighter.

I also have an idea for a pair of pajamas in mind, as well as a black shirtdress for dinner one evening. I am still thinking about the other looks I want to do.

I will keep you posted and put up pictures whenever I get a garment finished. I am excited about this challenge. I think it will be exciting to see these outfits come to life. At least my husband will probably be happy that I decided not to go out and buy 9 new outfits....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wrinkles be gone!

I know it has been over a month since my last post. I have been incredibly busy the past few weeks, sewing skirt after skirt for a show. I was very excited about it but then quickly became frightened when a man approached me asking if I had a skirt to fit him...Well this post will not be about that. I am merely giving an excuse for my absence.

I was in Ulta (of course, where else?) and was trying to quickly grab some items I needed. I had long since been out of a wrinkle cream that I was convinced worked. So I grabbed what I thought was a wrinkle treating cream. (Olay filling & sealing wrinkle treatment).

That night I was getting ready to use my new cream when I realized it was a product to go on before you put your make-up on in the morning. I was a little annoyed but decided to try it the next morning.

After slathering on my moisturizer the next morning, I applied the cream to my face and was impressed. If I had paid more attention to what I was buying, I would have realized that the title (filling & sealing) would have told me what the product did. It actually covered up the fine lines on my forehead that are starting to appear. Not only did it fill in the lines, it gave my face a matte finish.

You can purchase the product at Ulta for around $17. (I believe it normally sells for around $20 but Ulta has it on sale). I know I am not old, but as someone recently pointed out, the crows feet are starting to make their presence known. I don't want Botox...needles do not belong in my face! This product by Olay will work just fine for me!