Friday, December 31, 2010

New year, new shoes!

A New Year's Eve party is always a great excuse to buy a new pair of shoes. You can justify any (well, almost any) purchase by telling yourself that you can wear the shoes on other occasions as well.

Bebe Sequin Platform Mary Jane, Originally $150, Clearance $104.99

DSW also had a glitter pump for $59.95 but for some reason I had a hard time getting the picture to show. I will just put the link up. DSW also has free shipping with any purchase over $35 so you can save a little on shipping alone.

If you just want to do some shoe shopping, DSW also has $20.11 off your purchase of $99 online only through January 3, 2011. Remember, these discounts are for members only but you can easily sign up online or in a store.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trench Coats

My sweet little sister dropped by my house yesterday out of the blue. She looked so cute in her trench coat that I just had to share!

Trench coats are perfect for dreary, cold days. They are a classic way to stay warm and look chic at the same time. has some for 49.50. It comes in color shown, an army green and black. They also come in petite and tall! also has one for 98.00 (above, right...the trench they have on sale is currently out of stock). It comes in color shown above and then a darker color called 'Eclipse.' It looks black to me...

If you are on a tight budget, the Old Navy trench is your best bet. Think of it as an investment piece. It is something you can wear forever and is sure to always be in style!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cruise Outfits

So the number of outfits that actually made it on the cruise...2! I made two dresses and a pair of pajamas that I actually FORGOT to take! The first outfit below is the shirtdress. I was a little nervous about wearing it to dinner because I was afraid it would look homemade. Much to my delight, a girl actually stopped me and told me she loved it! That was definitely the confidence boost I needed!
The pajamas I neglected to bring:
The strapless dress. Originally I intended on adding structure to the skirt but the length was not working with what I wanted to do. This was my first time to sew a hidden zipper in a dress so it wasn't as perfect as I wanted it. (See black cardigan...hides any imperfections).

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Coats!

I never wear a coat if possible. I don't like walking into a building with a huge coat that I will burn up in as soon as I set foot inside. I also don't like to carry it around with me either. Sometimes, however, you just HAVE to have a coat.

Lucky for me, I found a fabulous coat at Ann Taylor Loft this week that I don't mind wearing at all!

I love this classic coat. It is a nice deep eggplant color that I will be able to wear with browns, nudes and blush color clothes.

The picture (left) shows how it looked when it was hanging in the store on the hanger. However, when I got home and looked at it a little closer, I was excited to see that when buttoned all the way up, it changes the tone from a classic coat to a coat with a military vibe.

I did get the last (regular) one in the Shreveport store...But, they can order them for you if you absolutely love it. I believe they did have a couple in their petite section for those of you that wear a petite.

Also, Ann Taylor has 40 % off everything in their store right now. If you open a Loft credit card, you can receive an extra 15% off of your total purchase. Happy shopping!