Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pick Your Perfect (Mini) Skirt

I saved mini skirts for the last segment in my Pick Your Perfect Skirt series. I think I might have saved this segment for the end because mini skirts are not my favorite type of skirt to wear. While I think they are adorable, I have always had a fear of wearing them. I'm constantly convinced that when I stand up, the skirt is going to be tucked into my underwear somehow. Or a strong breeze will come get the point.

I have seen many girls wear these types of skirts well without portraying any of the fears I just listed. If you are one of them, good for you. Maybe you can help me get over my fear. Or just tell me that I am being ridiculous.

If I were going to be brave and try one of these cute skirts, I would probably pick the very first skirt. I love the large pleats (giving the skirt a little fullness) and think it would look adorable with a long sleeve button up blouse and some sandals.


                                                                    Beauty Bit

What do you guys think about pink lipstick? Check out this picture of Julianne Moore sporting a hot pink lip. Are you a fan? I don't know if I'm quite ready to embrace pink lipstick in such a vibrant shade. Usually when I do pink, I stick to a gloss so that it isn't so bright. How about you? Do you like hot pink?


  1. I love your mini skirt picks! The Rebecca Minkoff one if my fave! If you wear a non-flowy one, than it is less likely to be blown up by the wind. :)

  2. I really can't wear mini skirts. Just doesn't work with my thighs.

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

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  4. hi there lovely! i love reading your blog!
    im following you :)

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  5. haha, i have the same fears. i think i have actually seen a woman with her skirt tucked in her underwear.

  6. i love the aqua skirt!!!

    And your post of long skirt, so nice!!!! :)


  7. this is making me want to go shop! x

  8. Love the orange pleated mini! So cute! I'm always paranoid about my skirt flying up! But sometimes you have to take risks for fashion! lol


  9. I am always nervous with minis because I am paranoid too. Love the first one though!

  10. I LOVE skirts!!!

    The pink (1) and the orange (4) are WONDERFUL!


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