Monday, March 31, 2014


A.N.A blouse via JCP, shorts via Tar-jay, BCBGeneration heels, F21 bag and bracelets,
How Gorgeous necklace (opening soon)

Well, I suppose I've reached an all new low. I wore my sweat-shorts to church on Saturday. These are the shorts that I wear to teach dance in, for crying out loud. So I guess this is a lazy girl's outfit for sure. I figured if I piled on the jewelry, wore some make-up, and put on my heels then I wouldn't look too much like a bum...

And I don't think it will come as a huge shock that I'm wearing all black. Black is my favorite color, after all!


  1. Please. People TRY to look as good as you look while being "lazy." Happy Monday!

  2. This looks far from "lazy"! I love that pretty necklace

  3. You don't look anything like a bum! The all black look is so sophisticated!

    PS Not sure if you know, the email linked to your blogger account bounces back so I can't reply to your comments :(

    The Tiny Heart
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  4. Beautiful look on you. Love your leopard shoes.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  5. least you were there, right/!?! And I'm the same...I love an all black outfit. You look amazing!

  6. Stop it!! I actually love this and I would have never known unless you said something!!! All black with some bling and leopard for the win!!

  7. Loving the green statement necklace! Looks great with the black + leopard combo!


  8. Girl, please! You look 200% better than half the peeps I work with and we have a biz casual dress code. I love how you dressed up the shorts with leopard heels and jewels!

    xo, Nina

  9. Nice outfit! Love, love the necklace! Following your blog on GFC and would like you to follow me back and keep in touch :-)

  10. ummm LOVE LOVE LOVE> obsesssed!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this outfit girl, i'd wear it myself and didn't you just have a baby?!!!! tell me your secrets!!! how do you look like supermodel material already?!

  11. You are a dance teacher?? Great! I like to dance , too. I learnt a few years ago salsa dance! You look awsome in black! Like your bag.
    Like, Sily

  12. Haha...I think you look really pulled together - not lazy at all!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  13. Jewelry and heels totally change everything. I think you look perfectly acceptable in this!
    Chic on the Cheap

  14. You look great! I would have never guessed if you hadn't said anything. Thanks for your comment on my 41 weeks post. I'm sorry I never replied. I've been soaking up every second that I can with my new baby girl. I've loved seeing your postpartum looks. I'm NOT motivated to even be presentable these days lol. This whole postpartum bod really threw me for a loop, but seeing how well you've pulled off your post baby outfits has been a great motivator for me! I'll have to give this whole sweat-shorts thing a try ;). Here's to hoping I can look half as good as you do. Hot mama!

  15. These outfit looks great. I like the necklace. It really pops out with the black, and of course I love cheetah print shoes. I have some heels and also some flats in cheetah print. =)

    Hope you can check out my blog if you have some time. =)


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