Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sandal Season - Heels - Part Three

I saved the stiletto sandal (my favorite) for the last segment in my series. These sandals pump up the girly factor simply by adding a tall heel. Try one on. You may find that it changes the way you feel and the way you walk. No, I am not talking about changing the way you walk by stumbling around (although that might occur if you don't have practice wearing a heel). I'm talking about the confidence that comes with knowing that you look good. THAT changes the way you walk! You can be sure that you will never feel frumpy when wearing one of these sandals. You can't help but look elegant and chic. Perhaps that is why sandals with heels are my favorite. As a busy mom of two, I like to be reassured that I still look good. No frumpy mama over here! Of course, pushing a baby around in a stroller wearing five inch heels is not exactly practical, but that has never stopped me!

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  1. great post, nice choices :)


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