Friday, February 10, 2012

Costello Tagliapietra Fall 2012

Check out a few images from the Costello Tagliapietra Fall 2012 line! When looking at a new collection, sometimes I like to view the entire collection as thumbnails to get a sense of what it is about. The colors and prints of this one instantly grabbed my attention.

Unlike my previous post, this collection sported more prints and more deep, rich fall colors. (The cinnamon dress below is just one example). These three pictures are just a few of my favorites but all together sum up what I loved best about the collection. The short trench-like jacket with a contrasting color collar is a fun way to change up a classic trench. The colors are also perfect for fall weather! The dress (center) is not only draped in a cool way over the shoulder, it has a bright, splatter print to boot. And finally, the cinnamon dress (right) is just one way to make a single-color garment exciting. It is definitely a modern take on a classic silhouette!

These three pieces sum up the collection in my opinion. Classic pieces done with a twist. Whether through the use of graphic prints, draping or cut, they embody a fresh, modern woman who still likes to reference classic design.

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