Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Keeping It Casual - 3 (Link Up) & A Contest

A.N.A blouse via JCP, H&M blazer, Loft jeans, Sole Society flats, Zara clutch, bracelet from Dillards,
belt from TJ Maxx

I've been a big fan of bright colors for spring and feel like a girl can never have too many brights in her closet. However, Saturday was cold and rainy so I opted for more of a neutral outfit. If these pictures didn't have pretty flowers blooming in the background you might think it was fall based on my outfit. 

So, my computer crashed, again. We took it to the 'computer doctor' and she said that the hard drive was failing. She was able to pull some of my data off but I lost all of my blog pictures. I plan on going back through my blog and saving pictures from it to my hard drive and then backing them up. I hope you people are a lot smarter than I am about backing things up. 

Since I am linking up with Because Shanna Said So for Random Wednesdays, I thought I would give you a little peek of randomness into my life.
  •  I struggle with flexibility. I guess there could be worse things to struggle with but as a dancer it's a pretty big deal. If I don't stretch at least twice a week, I lose all of my splits. 
  • I want to go on a cruise at least once a month. Who's going to foot the bill for that one?
  • I hate popular music. I don't know who any of the singers are because the only thing I listen to is electronic dance music and old school tunes. (Two completely different genres!!)
  • I'm obsessed with 15th century England. Obsessed. 
On a completely different topic, I am going to be involved in a contest to choose the first blogger ambassador for Wallis Fashion. I am so excited to be selected for this competition! As a stay-at-home- mom, I love the idea of being selected to represent this fun clothing company. I feel like fashion is not reserved just for those with full-time, nine-to-five jobs, but for anyone (like me) who loves to look chic on a budget. Go like the Wallis facebook page here to be able to vote. This means SO much to me!!

Link-up below for today's Keeping It Casual post. Please make sure that you follow and link back to my blog. 

Make sure you enter to win $50 to Sephora here.
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  1. I think this is absolutely gorgeous on you! I love how you styled everything, right now to the shoes and hair!

  2. Really lovely outfit. Very classic.

  3. I love your blog and style! this outfit is so spring I love your blazer.

  4. love the neutrals and the flats!

    xo, Nina

  5. Classic look with a twist, love the color combo. Congrats on entering that competition, will be voting for you.


  6. I really like this color combo and fun to learn some random facts about you. I danced for about 15 years, so much fun. If I ever have a girl I'll be in heaven :)

  7. Loveee the blazer, the flat are fab

  8. You look stunning–I LOVE your hair sleek and straight like this!

  9. Yess I love seeing your hair straight like this, SO gorgeous. And this outfit is just incredibly chic. You look amazing. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. As soon as Lent is over I'm heading to H&M to check out their blazers! I've been seeing so many amazing ones lately! Love this outfit :)

    XO, Alison

  11. Your hair looks SO pretty straight! I love how you added the fun accessories to the neutral outfit like the leopard belt and sparkly clutch. Voted for you!

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  12. This look is so classic and chic, I love it! The color combo of the blazer and shirt are gorgeous. Your accessories are to die for as well! I love those flats.

  13. I love your casual look. You always look so chic, I love it!


  14. I have the worst time with flexibility as well. I am very list like, so flying by the seat of my pants is a struggle. Its def. something I need to work on!

    Friday’s Link Up!

    L.Mae Boutique Giveaway!

  15. I love this look! The neutral colors are so pretty. And I love your hair like that!

  16. Lovely outfit girlie! Happy Wednesday!!

  17. That blouse is divine!!! It classes up jeans so effortlessly with the leopard belt. This is probably one of my favorite outfits I've seen you in! i literally want everything.


  18. Thank you for hosting this link up. Love your outfit, especially the studded flats. I'm hosting a link up tomorrow, would love it if you joined.


  19. Great outfit! So cute and comfy for Spring!


  20. adore your shoes and this gorgeous color palette
    kw ladies in navy

  21. love the clutch!

    xo Andrea

  22. lovely outfit!!

    do you want to follow each other? let me know ;D

    new post

  23. Love the half tuck and little peek of leopard! Cute :)


  24. Love this casual look- good luck in your contest!

  25. Love the look- and good luck in the competition! :) you'd be a great ambassador :)

  26. This is fabulous! I love the muted colors!! I was excited to see that you are doing the contest too:) Yay for mom fashion bloggers! Good luck pretty lady!

  27. Love the neutral tones in this outfit! You look beautiful, as always.
    I also don't like popular music- I just don't understand the lyrics?? Techno and jazz are so much better :)

    Have a great day!

  28. Love that clutch! Don't forget to stop by again and enter the impeccable pig giveaway I'm hosting! Great jewelry! !

  29. I love this outfit! So casual but still so put together! I love how simple it is, those colors really pop. I'm learning how to pair less obvious colors. This outfit is a definite inspiration! Thanks so much for hosting! As always, I'm happy to be joining in! :)

    PS Congrats for the nomination and good luck!!
    High Heels and Training Wheels

  30. I LOVE this outfit! That clutch, swoon!

    Two Leaf Clover

  31. I almost bought those flats!!!

  32. I really love your blouse and blazer!! Such a cute outfit...


  33. love you in neutrals and sorry about your computer!!!! ps can't wait to see what you do with your tweed :)
    brooke @ what2wear

  34. I love your outfit. Sometimes you just need neutrals (If my husband saw your half tuck, he would say you were lopsided, as he told me). And that clutch is really cute!!
    My computer crashed about 2 years ago... hard drive. It was devastating (especially because all of my graphic design work, client files and etsy shop stuff was on it). Luckily they were able to recover everything. Then a few months later, my external hard drive that I was using to store everything on died and I lost everything again because I was afraid to store anything on my actual computer. So I had to pay a lot to get it all recovered. THEN about 3 months later I spilt water on my laptop and it bit the dust. I had to get a new computer and pay a WHOLE lot to get all my stuff back. The moral of this story is- back up, back up often and have multiple copies. Learn from my mistakes.

  35. Oh No! Losing all your photos is awful, I'm so sorry!
    I try to be good about backing up, but if my computer didn't remind me to every week, I probably never would!

    Loving your mix of neutrals and those cute flats!
    Chic on the Cheap

  36. Love the bag - too cute!



  37. You are so beautiful
    And u have a perfect blog so im following on FB !


    Coline ♡

  38. I like old school tunes, too. My other passion is classical music.

  39. Love this, especially those sunglasses! Also, your hair looks great :)

    xox Lara

  40. Your hair looks so great down and straight! LOVE IT! :) This is absolutely adorable!

  41. Love this look! Nothing better than a blazer ;) ! xo, Julie
    from prosecco to plaid

  42. Owww. This's the look that I love, which I consider a casual chic. Beautiful!

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  43. Flexibility was on of my issues as a dancer too. I guess pulling my hamstring so many times didn't help.
    I love that bag!


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