Thursday, January 24, 2013


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When it comes to changes in the weather, sometimes it is difficult to find something to wear. Where I live, sometimes we experience temperatures in the 60s (sometimes 70s) in the winter. On those days, you can't quite wear a sundress but you can't wear multiple layers as well. Mixing spring and winter pieces together is your best bet for those awkward days.

In the first set, the dress is perfect for spring and summer. Throw a chunky knit sweater over it and suddenly you have a sweater and skirt look. I love mixed prints and I love the wide stripes of this sweater paired with the thin stripes in the dress.

Since I loved this sweater so much, I picked the same one, only in another shade, for the second look. These days leather can be worn year-round, as it is no longer considered strictly 'cold weather only' appropriate. However, there is something about leather in winter that just feels right. Keeping some season-appropriate elements (such as leather) and pairing them with others (the chunky knit) makes this outfit feel perfect for those in-between days.

Other options for in-between seasons that I love:
  • A blazer over a sleeveless top
  • Wearing a blazer with shorts and sandals (you can see how I wear this one here)
  • Cropped trousers, pumps, and a thin 3/4 sleeve sweater
What do you wear for in-between weather?


  1. I love these outfits! Especially the one with the leather skirt. sO CUTE!

  2. Perfect combos! xoxo

  3. Love them both! Stripes are so in right now!

  4. Stripes are always one of my go-to patterns! I love them!

  5. Stripes are my favorite pattern to wear! Unfortunately I don't think we'll be having any in between weather here till March :(

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  6. These are such cute outfits! Love the striped sweaters!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Ahhh...I would give anything for weather that warm right now! You are one lucky gal!

    The Glossy Life

  8. I grew up in California and I had the hardest time wearing something January ish on a 70 degree day. I love these suggestions. They are season appropriate and weather appropriate. Love it!


  9. Perfect idea; I'm planning on using a similar wardrobe with cardigans instead for our spring time crazy weather ;)

  10. That leather mini is so chic! Love the pockets.

    Happy Thursday :)

    xx, Eleanor

  11. that leather skirt, needs to get in my closet!


  12. Those sweaters are SO cute! In Oklahoma our weather is similar - yesterday was 65 and today is 39 - it's just ridiculous! I never know what to wear on those 65 degree January days... obviously sandals and shorts aren't really appropriate. I love your ideas - I'll definitely try to incorporate them!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  13. I can see why you used the same one twice, I love it!!

  14. Love how you made the transition! I still have to wait for sunny days since temperatures now are still below 0 and sadly I have to layer and layer and layer every day!

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  15. I am so all about the layering!!! I wear at least 2 to 3 layers at all times because I am cold natured, but it also is perfect for transitioning (and of course making your pieces work longer!)

  16. That's probably true, if I was richer I probably wouldn't buy as much as I think I would
    Lovely outfits xx

  17. i love mixing spring and fall pieces for in-between weather. a sundress with a cardi and tights is my favorite.

  18. I absolutely love the idea of throwing a chunky sweater over a dress. It's such a good way to still make use of your summery dresses!

  19. Great outfits! I love the sweater.


  20. this isa great post, it can definitely be tricky to transition between seasons!

  21. I love both of these looks. I've been doing this quite a lot -- it's a great way to use your dresses throughout the winter as well :)

    xoxo Alison

  22. I still have to try the layering a sweater over a dress look. I usually just add tights to my shorts/dress/skirts when it gets a bit chilly. Or add a cardigan!
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  23. Good post!

    Where I live it is minus 30 degrees in the winter: ((I wear a lot of layers and quickly run through the streets.

    Good mood,


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