Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New You

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I love starting a new year. I feel like I suddenly have time to try new things. Of course I want to become a more patient person, play with my kids more, work on my spiritual life, and so on. This post, however, is focused on the fun, fashionable ways to change this year.

Having a blog is a great way to really see what other people see (on the surface, that is). I've noticed a lack of color in my handbags, and a serious lack of bold jewelry. Both are things that I love but when it comes to shopping for these items, I tend to shy away. This year, I am going to add a few pieces from this category to my wardrobe. Any of the pieces above make a statement and would be great pieces to own.


I definitely want to try a few new beauty trends. I have loved the double cat eye for quite a while now. Of course, a regular cat eye where I live is probably 'out there' so I haven't attempted the double. I think it would look great for a night out. It might take some practice, but I hope to master the look!

I've done a smoky eye every now and then when I've gone out to dinner with my husband. There are several ways to create the smoky eye and I am always on the lookout for a new method. If you want to try it, I found a step-by-step method here and a video tutorial here.

I don't have any nude lipsticks and I will be hunting for the perfect shade soon. I love the look of a dramatic eye done with nude lips.

False lashes are great when you want to add a little more 'oomph' to your make-up. I have used the strip lashes before (for dance performances) but I think the individual lashes look a little more natural and give a subtle hint of drama to your look. I am going to start using these more for date nights.

This new year is a great time to try new trends in beauty and fashion. Have you thought about things you want to try?

Have a great day!


  1. I'm the same way when it comes to love trends but shying away from buying those items. Love the nude lips look and I've been trying to add colorful handbags into my wardrobe too :)

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  2. The double cat-eye is awesome- you should go for it! Nude lips are a go-to of mine, too, but since I'm fairly pale I have to add a little pinky gloss on top :)

  3. Happy New Year Amy! I definitely like the bright bag trend...the white tote with the splash of color is my fave!


  4. I this year I really want to step up my eye and lip game! I am looking at getting lash extensions actually!

  5. LOVING the bright bags and of course the smokey eye! xo, Julie

  6. I love doing a smokey eye for going's fun to do a traditional grey one or change it up with neutral browns.

    The Tiny Heart

  7. I'm totally on board with bright bags this year. I just ordered a yellow one I can't wait to wear!

    The Glossy Life

  8. Being pregnant, I have just been looking for maternity clothes that are actually cute. It's pretty hard, but I finally discovered the maternity section at asos. So my plan is to buy some fun maternity pieces from them instead of just sticking to the basics like I did with my last pregnancy.

  9. I think I definitely need a new bright bag for the new year! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. My friend just did them for the holidays and the false eyelashes looked amazing on her. Great blog!

    If you get a sec, checkout my latest post 'New Year and Sequins'. I would love to know what you think.



  11. Definitely agree that the New Year is a great time to try out some new stuff – I def want to be bolder in my choices this year.

    Sea and Swank

  12. I love the earrings you picked and the double cat eye!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  13. I love bold jewelry and your picks are perfect!

  14. Now, these are resolutions I can get behind! My goal is to start wearing all the jewelry I've collected over the years. I tend to wear the same pieces day in and day out, so I'm hoping to mix it up!

  15. Happy New Year darling!
    Love the double cat eye makeup


  16. I am loving the double cat eye idea! So funky!

  17. Hey sweetie!
    Love your blog!
    It is very intesting and original!
    Well done! :)
    How about following each other?
    Let me know in comment about it and I promise to follow you back!! :)

    xo xo

  18. Love the bold colors - They are going to be so hot this year!
    Thanks for the recent comment on my blog, I am now following you we can keep in touch. Maybe you can too?
    Happy New Year :)
    ♥ xoxo cori

  19. I can't wait for you to try a double cat eye! I think it will be stunning on you!

  20. Hmmm there's double cat eye! i havent even got my head around one, let alone 2!

    Adorable blog. Following you now. Hope you can share the love back by following and visiting my site.

    Much love from Canada~

  21. I just love the double cat eye
    I need someone to come and teach me how to do it!

  22. I also want to try the double cat eye with nude lips. Trying new things with my makeup is one of my New Year's resolutions. It's so harrrrd!


  23. I tend to shy away from bold fashion trends. Maybe this year I will join you with the bright colors. I've always wanted to try a nude lip too.

  24. Can't wait to see the double cat eye on you!! I bet it's gonna look amazing! I love the look of a dramatic eye and nude lip. Hope you have a fantastic 2013!!!


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