Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Destination: Vegas

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Another reader, Holly at Holly Goes Lightly, contacted me about putting outfits together for her upcoming anniversary trip. When packing for Vegas, one wants to be stylish but comfortable at the same time. A wedge sandal should be comfortable enough for walking the strip, as long as you aren't trying to walk the entire strip. That would be tiring no matter what your shoe choice!

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When I went to Vegas last, the popular fashion choice for evening consisted of super tight, super low-cut, and short dresses. I'm talking so short that if the girl wearing it raised her arm, even to adjust her hair, her whole butt would have been hanging out. 

My husband and I were leaving dinner one evening and saw a long line of scantily clad girls waiting to get into a club. I stopped and my jaw hit the floor. I had never seen anything like that in my life. I joked that we had run into the hoochie mama convention. 

So with that said, I created two stylish (un-hoochie) looks for an evening out on the town. I can't decide which look I like more. Perhaps the second because those red heels are killer!

I hope you have a blast in Vegas, Holly!


  1. Ah!! Thank you for packing for me! ;) I love these outfits- I think I need to start shopping immediately. And I hadn't even thought of a helicopter tour... that sounds right up our alley! :) Thank you thank you thank you

  2. Love Love Love the outfits!!!! Ahhh if only I had time to pick up a few things for our Anni-moon! I'm gonna have to make time before Saturday! Thanks for the inspiration!!! xoxo!

  3. Haha, I love Vegas! Great outfits!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. What happens in Vegas...I have never been there! Would so like to go! This outfit looks great, you are good at it! Love Caroline

  5. Vegas is SO much fun! :) I've been twice! My advice it to make sure you wear comfy shoes because you will be walking A LOT! Thanks for the comment on my blog this morning! Make sure you follow me! :)


    -Jade Sierra-

  6. Ooh I really love the white dress/red pumps's hot!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Love the looks! I want it all :)

  8. Amy! These are great looks you put together... and so helpful for people to be able to use you as a resource for vaca outfits! I LOVE that coral blazer. Thanks so much for sharing!

    It's an Easy Life

  9. Wow! I love the grey pants. So voluminous. YES!


  10. Amy - this is perfect, as I actually have a Vegas trip coming up in three weeks! I absolutely love the dinner & show outfits!

    Mini Me Style Blog

  11. Love these outfits... My closet is loving these posts!!!! :)

    <3 Melissa

  12. You put together some great looks! I would wear each and every outfit (especially those grey pants and wedges)!

  13. I love your outfit combinations :) x angie

  14. You are REALLY making me want to visit Vegas now. I want to elope with Mr. A there! Hahahaha.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. I visit Vegas last summer and I loved that city!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
    Win a pair of sparkling earrings from Velanch

  16. Really nice outfits. I especially love the orange jacket.

  17. Both are such cute outfit ideas! I'm definitely inspired to take a trip to Vegas now. ;)

  18. All of them are definitely "un-hoochie". LOL! You should have seen the hooch fest that I witnessed when I was in Vegas a few months back. I guess we are becoming old grandmas! ;) Great styling as usual!!

  19. I love the sunglasses in the first one :)


  20. The pants in the first set are amazing, and I love the yellow pieces! xxx

  21. Love this series you're doing! All your looks are too cute! Loving the playsuit from the first look! Too cute!


  22. Fun, classy Vegas looks! Love the rompers!

  23. Hi Amy...thanks for the comment on my blog...I am a new follower! Love the looks you put together~ maybe you can help me after I get moved into my new home! I am a mom of two girls who always seem to dress way better than me! :)I need all the help I can get! Love the blog
    Have a wonderful day!

  24. I think these are perfect looks for Vegas! I am glad you picked dresses that were classy and stylish!

  25. Vegas can be a very interesting place to visit. Definitely some interesting fashion choices on display there!
    I love your choices, Amy! I love how you keep it classy but still sexy.
    Have a beautiful day, Hun!

  26. Great outfits! Definitely all perfect for a fun trip away :)

    Life Etc

  27. LOVE these looks!! i am actually heading to vegas this weekend for business... so sadly i won't be able to wear any cute outifts :( :( but i love these

  28. I'd love to go to Vegas, we're hoping to have a holiday in the States next year & Vegas is top of my list!

    Love your choices, they're not "hoochie" at all

  29. what fun posts!! i want the clothes and the vacation!! : ) LOVE the one with the bird print!

  30. These sets are beautiful! Love each piece. X


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