Monday, February 14, 2011

What to wear? Part 3

Here is my third outfit with the shirt still being the main piece. I decided to leave the shirt out with a belt around it. (The shirt is quite...full. It needs something to hold it in place). I threw an olive green cardigan over it and swapped out my jeggings for my ripped skinny jeans. I am wearing the same shoes as in Part 1 of this series. My hair was up the past two posts because it just happened to be a dirty hair day. But hey, at least you can see the little earrings my husband picked out for me! If you don't know Tim, then you should know that he does not like picking out ANYTHING for me. He is always afraid that I will not like it.

If you have something sitting in your closet and you aren't sure what to wear with it, give me a call. Chances are, there is something to pair with it. Sometimes it just takes another set of eyes! Check out my website to learn about the fashion consulting that I do!

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