Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A look I love!

I was playing around with the H&M Fashion Studio this morning. The Fashion Studio gives you a couple of different models to choose from. Pick one, and you can put whatever outfit on him/her that you want. It isn't just limited to clothing either! You can also choose handbags, jewelry, tights, shoes and sunglasses. This is a fun way to put an outfit together to figure out the silhouettes that you like.

This morning, I put an outfit together that I love. It includes a skirt, sweater, blazer, ankle booties and a key necklace. I do wish the skirt were a little longer and perhaps a little fuller. I like the idea of a flirty skirt paired with a jacket and ankle boots.

After I put this outfit together, I realized that I have most of these pieces already! Maybe I won't go shopping after all!

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  1. How fun! and how convenient that you already own what you love!


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