Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cruise Wear Update 2

I FINALLY finished my first outfit. The black shirtdress is ready to go! There are some minor adjustments I could do but since I am crunched for time, I think I will just let them go for now. I noticed that the front is a hair longer than the back but maybe if I don't slouch it won't be so pronounced.

I am going to begin work on my cocktail dress today. Part of me thinks that it will be easy but I thought that about the shirtdress and it just about made me crazy.

As for my other outfits (time permitting) I am going to do a light blue linen sundress for Key West, a black silk top and gold lame skirt for dinner, a silk swimsuit dress cover up for Cozumel and teal jersey pajamas.

This is only 6 outfits. I was going to do a blue shirtdress just like the black one but AIN'T happening. I don't need anything else to make me crazy. I was also going to make a sequin dress for dinner but the sequin fabric was 25 $ a yard and that sort of freaked me out. Of course I would need more than one yard!

I have an idea for pants that would actually work with the black silk top listed above. They are actually just like a pair that I saw on Dancing With the Stars recently. It looks almost like a harem pant with the sides (outside of the thigh) completely cut out. It looks like there are shorts underneath. Since my silk top is going to be black, I would do these pants in white. They will require much thought so if I have time, they will be the last piece. Even if I can't get them done in time for the cruise, I still want to make them. They would be fabulous for going out!

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