Monday, March 14, 2011

I can see "so and so" wearing that!

There are many times that I look at clothing on websites and think to myself, "I can see 'so and so' wearing that!" Since I am slowly growing a watermelon in my tummy, I don't have the luxury of looking for clothes for myself anymore. Might as well find things I think my friends might like!

I can see my friend Courtney in this cute yellow and floral print dress (right). I can see her dressing it up with chunky yellow beads and cute ballet flats.

I really like this blue shirtdress (top, left) and can see my sister Emily in it with some really cute wedge sandals.

When I saw this necklace (bottom), it reminded me of my friend from high school, DeLynn. She has a very cool sense of style and she could definitely pull off a chunky necklace like this one!

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